Caught In between A stone A lift

Caught In between A stone A lift

This week, Tyrus and you will Kat was organizing they returning to early weeks of your podcast. Tyrus screening out his interviews skills into the Kat. Kat discusses as to the reasons she thinks a burglar really was an effective feminist. Tyrus and you will Kat working area this new .

Bachelorettes plus the Beatles

Tyrus Kat connect its manufacturer purple-passed after they uncover what really happened from the the girl Bachelorette people. Kat demonstrates their partner was a real social network detective. Tyrus demonstrates to you as to the reasons the guy would not need certainly to drive up to in the an excellent .

Same old Track Track

Recently, Tyrus will bring Star and Bestselling Blogger, Dion Baia on the podcast to share with you the continuing future of movie theaters. Tyrus demonstrates to you specific movies are better experienced in the film theatre and you can Dion contends one particular aspects of streaming .

Death From the Wedgie

Kat reveals in order to audience the real symptoms within the a love. Tyrus splits the truth off a rigid state. Tyrus and Kat consent if someone else remains going to the bar, this alone should not be to the schedule. .

Throwback – The brand new Elephant About Space

Tyrus reveals the true need Kat bullies him having his lunch currency. Kat and you can Tyrus fall apart new coded words out of a good Dr. Seuss antique. And Kat teaches you how a romantic date just after leftover the woman ground the newest bill in the a club. .

Nuns Gone Wild

Tyrus conveys his disdain to own clickbait-y statements throughout the aquatic pets. Tyrus Kat discuss the miscalculation behind so it “fruity” structure choice. Tyrus thinks about if or not females indeed value muscle meaning.